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Concept Definition: After consolidating research, we determine the key business purpose and unique selling proposition of the app.

Designing the Interface: Wire framing and project planning comes next, and we ensure that every step the user takes is the simplest and most “natural” one.

Creating Interactions: Each swipe, pinch, and tap of the screen can create an interactive experience on our custom app.

If there is one platform that has given a whole new definition to the word technology, it is undoubtedly the iOS. This can be used on a variety of Apple gadgets such as the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch. Apple is known to come with innovative ideas for its devices. Here, at Softmages Solution Software., our Iphone app development professionals help in turning your innovative business idea into reality. After completing development, design, and Apple app creation, we ensure that the app will perform beautifully with our iOS app testing services. With a combination of human quality assurance and automated testing, we ensure that the app will perform across network connections and types of devices. Our meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire iOS app development process will lead to a successful and well-received launch.
We have already developed iPhone applications in these categories:
• GPS Based Real Time Application
• Enterprise Application
• 2D Gaming/ Iphone game development
• Address Book Based Applications
• In App Purchase, Push Notifications
• Barcode Scanner based Apps
• Location based Application
• Finance/Banking Application
• Calendar based Apps
• Video/Audio Streaming Apps
• Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
• City guide/ Compass Based Apps
• Admob, iAd based Apps
Still confused? To get a better idea, contact Softmages Solution Software. to understand how we can help you realise the potential of your idea through Apple.